The surgical team of Grigoris Xepapadakis operates at the IASO Hospital.

There he has established a specialized Breast Clinic, which is staffed by Doctors with special training and years of experience in dealing with breast disorders. The goal of the clinic is not only the treatment of diseases but also the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Specialized breast clinic

External prevention clinic

Psychological support by specialists

Complete patient coverage


From Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 by appointment, the External Prevention Clinic operates, where women can undergo a clinical examination, and where there is the possibility of promptly conducting diagnostic tests such as mammography, ultrasound as well as invasive diagnostic procedures.

For a complete and spherical treatment of patients, the Breast Clinic cooperates with doctors of various specializations in other departments of the IASO Hospital, such as radiologists, cytologists, pathologists, nuclear doctors, gynecologists, oncologists-chemotherapists, plastic surgeons and others.

It is also flanked by experienced nursing and paramedical staff, such as a psychologist for providing psychological support to patients and a physiotherapist for after-treatment care.

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